Tax charges

Tax charges

Customs charges:

Tradetec don't send products directly from China, without checking in Spain. Orders previously cheked, and don't declare fictitious amounts less than real, to prevent or reduce legal and binding customs fees for the EC.

All products offered, are shipped from Spain, customs fees and insurance total order amount already included in the price, which is the only way to ensure both that the customs fees are not paid by the client, and in case of damage from transport, insurance cover associated with the same total amount of purchase, without prejudice for the client.

Customs duties are a percentage of the total amount of the merchandise. Many vendors sent from Asia directly to end customers, without even knowing or review what they send, and declare a false value, always lower than the customer has actually paid, so that, at customs, the end customer pays the least amount of such customs duties, but at much lower amounts declare the actual value, is committing fraud against Customs, being ultimately responsible for this fraud the customer is stating that the holder receiving the package to customs authorities .

Thus, too, in case of damage from transportation, insurance of goods, only the amount declared payable, which is always a much smaller amount than the value that you actually paid for your purchase.

When you purchase items sent directly from Asia, has to take into account that it is very likely that after many thousands of miles of transportation, and several changes of vehicle for your package, you suffer damage in a delicate and valuable goods such as electronic equipment for the car, so Tradetec ensures the proper functioning of all imported goods upon arrival in Spain and ensures appropriate for national transport.

When you shop at Tradetec, takes the product to a company legally established and incrita in the Register of Pontevedra, therefore, in no case shall the customer to send or deliver the item to place other than our own facilities to make use of the warranty.