Airvex mattress

Airvex mattress

There are 2 manufacturing system of Airvex, the Airvex AirOne® or original and the Airvex NxT®, the ultimate edition.

Airvex AirOne® is a material made in continuous, formed by microcells that provides optimal pressure distribution. Offers excellent performance in terms of strength, sinking, durability and stability over time.

Airvex NXT® is a material made in template, formed by small open microcells for maximum breathability of the core. New formulation from natural components; combines high density with softness and elasticity.

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Garbi 19 Visco

Airvex mattress


472.00 *
945.00 €

Nexus 19 Visco

The Flex's Airvex Airone mattress with the best price. Airvex block with the soft feeling of the memory foam.


390.00 *
645.00 €
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