Multielástic spring mattress

Multielástic spring mattress

In the manufacture of continuous thread spring mattresses from Flex, there are two options:


Multielástic NXT®, improved system of classical Multielástic®. The housing is heat treated through an infrared process to achieve the highest durability. With this process, the heat is transferred evenly heating both core and outer wire. More homogeneous, elastic, adaptable, durable housings are obtained. And maximum effectiveness of anti-noise and anti-oxidation treatment.

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Multi Visco mattress

Multielástic® spring mattress from FLEX with memory foam designed to not cause allergies. 45% off, the price includes the discount.

392.00 *
700.00 €

Palace Visco

Palace Visco mattress has got the Multielástic NxT technology which adapt the behavior of the mattress according to the received pressure.

525.00 *
1,050.00 €
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