Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress

The pocket spring mattress is made by springs covered with nonwoven fabric. The springs are sewed in line from head to toe and joined rows around a central point. They work as independent dampers. This technology give rise to a very independent beds.

Different technologies pocket springs as the number of springs per m2 they possess. The mattresses can have from 500 springs until about 1300 spring in one 150x190 mattress. As you can see in the photo in a higher number of springs, larger bearing surface.

In the top of the pocket spring are often added as latex and memory foam technology to increase the comfort of this product.

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Nube 19 Visco

New Pocket spring mattress with memory foam and optigrade technology from  FLEX. 50% off in his price!

385.00 *
740.00 €

Nimbus Visco mattress

Pocket spring mattress with memory foam with Gel particles from FLEX . 500 springs by square meter!

525.00 *
1,050.00 €


Pocket spring mattress with memory foam with gel. Upholstered with Bioceramics fabric, materials that enhaced the cells cellular activation.

606.00 *
1,010.00 €
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