Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam is an open cell structure block. The memory foam is sensitive to body heat. It fits perfectly to the body creating an exact shape of the person.

The cell structure of viscoelastic foams is tighter than other foam technologies. These foams can have different densities, the most used is 80Kg/m3 and 50Kg/m3. Viscoelastic thicknesses range from 3 to 9 cm.

Due to the adaptability of the viscoelastic, this system is usually fixed on the top of other technologies such Airvex, HR or latex to avoid sinking feeling. Also often combined with springs but the memory effect is slightly lower due to firmer springs.

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Duocell Visco 19

Duocell mattress, with 2 different sides and feeling. One winter side and one summer side.

448.00 *
770.00 €

Galaxy 19

2 different memory foam Ultimate Flex mattress which gives a perfect adaptability. 7 adaptability zones.

630.00 *
1,220.00 €


WBX 800 Visco mattress is a memory foam mattress with a high level of adaptability, flexibility and BioCeramics technology®.

588.00 *
990.00 €
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