In this section you will find sofas (depends of the sofa) which can be made in leather, fabric and synthetic leather. According to the couch, we can add manual or electric relaxation systems, sliding cushions or bed. The sofas can be manufactured in sizes and fabrics that do not appear in this site.

Available Aquaclean® and Crevin fabrics. 

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Emuc Sofa

Sofa with cushions that feel like feather.


877.00 *
975.00 €

Musa Couch

Classical style couch, pefect to give a special design for your modern or classical lounge.

862.00 *
970.00 €

Valentina Couch

Sliding sofa with chaiselong. Couch with elephant foam with 10 years warranty and upholtered with aquaclean, the easiest to clean.

From 1,075.00 *
1,194.00 €

It can be delivered in 30-35 day


From 567.00 *
622.00 €

It can be delivered in 30 day


From 464.00 *
499.00 €

It can be delivered in 30 day


From 928.00 *
1,031.00 €

It can be delivered in 40-45 day

New KAME Coffe table

Corner table with metal legs, 60cm of diametre and 42cm of high. Special design of the top. 

395.00 *
422.00 €

It can be delivered in 30-35 day
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