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IBedFLEX, the first and only intelligent mattress in the world that adapts to you. A customizable bed that will transform your rest. IBedFLEX adapts to you, your morphology and your way of sleeping. You will experience sleeping in a made-to-measure bed since you can manually or automatically modify the firmness of the mattress.

How does it work?

IBedFLEX® has motion sensors that monitor the pressure of each of the 8 configurable cameras several times per second, knowing your movements and the quality of your sleep.

The results can be uploaded to the cloud with the IbedFLEX app. If you send more results to the cloud, the system will adjust better and recommend what the bed should be like.

With the obtained results you will be able to know the number of movements in the night, the hours of sleep, the index of quality of these hours or how many are produced in the REM phase.

The mattress is formed by a pocket springs core, an airvex structure which has air chambers to adapt to your body. Its padding has a block of latex talalay of 3cm, considered the most comfortable in its category.

It has a Stretch Bioceramics upholstery with soft touch, high quality and lurex inserts. Increases blood flow and local vasodilation, can fight muscle pain, leg heaviness and relieve pain caused by local inflammation. It emits FIR infrared waves that enhance cellular activation and the creation of collagen.


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