Shine the art also works modeling clay (polymer clay). Discover in this category his wonderful miniatures, all fully customizable.

Do you like dollhouses? Do you collect miniatures? Do you like figurines to decorate a special corner of your home? Would you like the miniature of some character or drawing in particular? Are you thinking of a super personalized gift like a pet miniature?

Do not hesitate, ask us !!!


Handmade ballerinas miniatures without mold in modeling clayFor loverclassicbalet, for a gift or for your home.


Handmade fairies miniatures without molds in modeling clay. For a gift, for your home and, of course, for loversfairies and magic.

Favorite characters

Handmade miniatures in modelingclay without molds from your favorite charcaters from the cinema, from literature, from history... Ask us!!!